Artwork Formats

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Artwork Formats

  • Accepted Format: Photoshop / Freehand / Illustrator / CorelDraw / Acrobat PDF / JPG / TIFF / EPS
  • Photoshop documents must be layered, and not flattened.
  • Placed images in Illustrator format should be linked. And all linked files should be provided.
  • Include all the elements used to create your design (eg fonts, images, and logos) as your support files.
  • Fonts must be outlined
  • Resolution of at least 300dpi (800dpi for JPG files)
  • Acceptable Color Mode: CMYK / Grayscale / Spot colors. All RGB art must be converted to CMYK before submitting.
  • Artwork must include bleed as shown:


Logos / Text:

  • All logos and text supplied should be created in a vector based software such as Illustrator, Photoshop or Freehand.
  • If type is used in a logo, please supply the font that was utilized or turn the type into outlines.


  • Please include all fonts used in your design. Make sure both printer fonts and screen fonts are included for each font used. PC fonts should be converted to outlines.

Transport Media:

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice