Metal Mount Tags

High-Temperature Resistant Metal Mount Tags

High-Temperature Resistant Metal Mount Tags

RFID Metal Mount Tags often find its way to many identification applications today. Often, we need to apply tags on metal objects. It is always a challenge to apply a tag on metallic surfaces. Not only the physical properties of metallic surfaces that make it difficult to attach, but the electrical properties also interfere with the RF communications.

The ability to reliably tag on metallic surfaces opens up a plethora of applications. For instance, tagging of medical equipment, mission-critical equipment, and other valuable assets. If the asset is valuable, we want to be able to track it. If the asset is mission critical, we want to be able to keep a reliable servicing audit trail. Because all these need to be done accurately to be effective, RFID tagging becomes the solution of choice.

In addition, we have developed very robust tags that can function in extreme environments that these assets are deployed. We have tags that work in marine environments. These tags require extended resistance to UV and battering from the elements. Furthermore, we have also developed tags for harsh and corrosive environments. Undoubtedly ideal for the oil and gas industry and it’s satellite applications.

In summary, our experience will help with your RFID problem.

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