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NFC Dog Tag is a simple and robust microchip that can be attached to your dog’s collar. It is waterproof and tough. Here is a list of commonly asked questions. Any questions that we have not covered below on our smartphone dog id tag, please email us!

    1. So how does it work?


      1. What is PET? PET stands for Pet Electronic Tag and it is a safe and non-intrusive way to microchip your dog or cat. Each microchip is customized and securely encrypted to each  owner’s requirements. Your pet can then be identified by a unique 10-digit number  assigned and programmed into the chip.
      2. How does PET work? PET is an IP67 waterproof tag with a microchip inside that you attach to your pet’s collar. If your pet is lost then anyone with a smart phone can scan PET and automatically send you a personalized SMS text message enabling you to recover your beloved pet.
      3. Why PET? PET is designed to address what’s lacking in a conventional tag:
        • Secured. PET is built on a secure microchip. Information written on the chip cannot be altered.
        • Non-intrusive. Conventional microchipping of animals require the injection of a microchip encapsulated in glass into the animal. PET is attached without the need for needles, injections and implants.
        • Visible & Convenient. With conventional microchipping, not only is it impossible to tell if an animal is microchipped but it is very inconvenient to bring the animal to a vet who has a specialized reader to identify the microchip. The black & orange design of PET clearly stands out on the collar and more importantly the PET logo clearly signifies that a smart phone can conveniently retrieve the pet owner’s details.
        • Independent Standards. PET is built on ISO standards for radio frequencies, operating over the standard GSM network. It can operate without an Internet connection OR a server to look up the owner’s particulars including contact details. The pet owner wholly owns PET with no subscription charges and is independent of the tag provider.
        • Secure and Confidential. The pet owner’s details need to be stored for pet recovery. PET stores this information securely in the microchip only, ensuring that the information remains confidential and accessible only when required.
        • Readily available technology. Reading a conventional implanted microchip requires specialized readers – this deters recovery. PET employs a technology that is widely available in most smart phones today, no software installation required.
        • Price. Tagging your pet with PET will be cheaper than going to the vet to get your pet microchipped. We have a best price guarantee on this.
          Comparison Chart

          smartphone dog id tag Comparison Chart

          TagMyPet vs Conventional Tag Comparison Chart

      4. Is PET replacing microchip implants? Absolutely not! PET is positioned to complement a microchip implant if there already is one. PET can readily be scanned on smart phones whereas a microchip implant requires a specialized reader. Your microchip number can be securely stored in PET along with other important information that can be accessed by smart phones to facilitate recovery.
      5. How much is the subscription fee for PET? There is no subscription fee. You fully own the tag and all its’ functionality independent of us 🙂
      6. What can you store on PET? A customized text message in the form of an SMS directed to you. And because this message is personalized, you can include any information from your contact details to a finder’s reward etc.
      7. What mobile phones support PET? PET follows ISO protocol and encoding standards. You will be able to scan PET on any NFC enabled smart phones. Here is a list of NFC Phones.
      8. Do we need to install any App for tag to work? Absolutely not! Our tags work on standard mobile technology and no further installation is required.
      9. What if I don’t have a smart phone? PET is great for all mobile phone owners who want to recover their lost pet! As long as your phone can receive SMS text messages PET will work for you.
      10. Why doesn’t my iPhone scan PET? The iPhone has an NFC function. However, it can only be used with Apple pay at the moment.
      11. Does this affect the chances of finding my pet? No, the objective of PET is to facilitate pet recovery – regardless of what phone the pet owner uses. Android smart phones make up >50% of the smart phone market – that means every other person will be able to contact the pet owner via PET, even if that owner uses an iPhone or for that matter, a conventional mobile phone!
      12. Okay my mobile phone supports PET so now what? Turn ON your mobile phone’s NFC reader and scan your PET to validate it’s working.
      13. How do I turn ON my mobile phone’s NFC reader? Generally, “menu->settings->more settings->NFC”. But as there are many different Android smart phones in the market, there are slight variations. Google has a comprehensive list of instruction but if you still encounter problems, feel free to contact us!
      14. How do I know if PET is working? After scanning PET with your smart phone, you should be able to see an SMS draft or a text message will pop up on the phone.
      15. Where do I find my unique 10-digit number? The 10 digit identification number assigned to your pet is engraved on the tag itself. It is also programmed into the chip. This number is secured and cannot be changed by anyone.
      16. Why can’t we make changes to PET? For security reasons, PET is locked permanently after encoding with your information. PET is permanently yours and nobody (including us) can change that.
      17. What if I want to make a change? We understand that there will be situations whereby you will need to change the information. Get in touch with us and we will review it on a case-by-case basis for a new replacement.
      18. Can PET send a message to two different mobile phone numbers? Absolutely. PET is only restricted by the amount memory (information) it has in the microchip.
      19. Why is there a limit in the message length? PET is restricted by the memory available in the microchip that it uses. The amount of memory at our disposal is limited by today’s semi-conductor technology.
      20. Can the recovery message on PET be sent without human intervention? No. Security on the Andriod platform does not allow unauthorized information leaving the phone – SMS included.
      21. If future PETs can store more information then shouldn’t I wait for the next version? Absolutely not! You care for your pet and you should get your pet protected now! And as long as you are registered with us, you will be able to enjoy all upgrades at heavily discounted prices.
      22. Can PET works like a QR code tag? Of course! If you have an existing QR code subscription, send us your QR code and we will encode that into your PET. All information that you have stored in your QR code, can now to retrieved by PET.
      23. Can a QR Code Reader read PET? Your QR Code App will not be able to read PET. PET can be read by an NFC phone and no apps are required to read PET.
      24. Can the tag work if it’s overseas? Yes. Our tag works on standard GSM technology and as long as there is cell phone coverage, it will work.
      25. Can the tag work if I’m overseas? Yes, for the same reason as explained on Qn 27.
      26. Is this a GPS enabled tag? No. But we do have a GPS enabled tag. Email us for more information.
      27. What is the difference between PET and an injected microchip? Three major differences:
        • You need specialized readers to read injected microchip (we use a smart phone)
        • Injected microchips are not visible (ie you won’t know that the dog is chipped)
        • You can decide what to store in our chip. You can’t do that for injected microchips.
      28. Delivery of Recovery Message Your personalized encoded message can be delivered in 2 available formats. As an SMS that will be sent to your mobile, or as a pop up text message on the mobile phone illustrated below:

        TagMyPet smartphone dog id tag Recovery Message Screen Shot

        Types of TagMyPet Recovery Message