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SLE 44R35S / Mifare©

SLE 44R35S / Mifare©

Security & Chip Card ICs
SLE 44R35S / Mifare©
Intelligent 1-Kbyte EEPROM
with Interface for Contactless Transmission, Security Logic
and Anticollision according to the MIFARE©-System
Datasheet :

    • 1 Kbyte, organized in 16 sectors with 4 blocks of 16 bytes each
    • User definable access conditions for each memory block
    • Erasing and writing of one block (16 bytes) in one shot at 5ms
    • Endurance minimum 105 write/erase cycles1)
    • Data retention for minimum of 10 years1)
  • Contactless Interface (comply to the Mifare® System)
    • Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (battery-less operation)
    • Read and write distance from 0cm up to 10cm (with Mifare® Read/Write Device)
    • Fast data transfer (106Kbit/s)
    • Anticollision logic: Several cards may be operated in the field simultaneously
    • Operating frequency 13.56MHz
    • Short transaction times: Typical ticketing transaction <100ms (including backup); transaction possible with moving card
  • Security
    • Mutual three pass authentication between card and reader
    • Data encryption for RF channel
    • Data integrity supported by several mechanisms: Anticollision, 16 bit CRC, parity check, bit count checking and channel monitoring
    • Access to EEPROM protected by transport code on chip delivery
    • Unique serial number for each circuit
    • Suited for multifunctional applications by individual key sets per each EEPROM sector
    • Ambient temperature -25°C .. +70°C