RFID Card is the most widely used consumer RFID product. Commonly sitting in the wallet in the form of Door Access, Club Membership, Ticketing, and often, Payment Applications. RFID cards is now an integral part of our lives.

RFID Cards Customization

There are many ways to design and build a smart card. Our production line can produce contact cards to contactless cards with different microchips, inlay technology, and frequencies. Moreover, we also manufacture and encode SIM cards used in phones today. While the list goes on, we also customize products. Above all, our factory can custom build non-standard sized cards, and if required, multi-chip, multi-frequency and even dual-interface cards.

RFID Cards

Variety of orangeTags RFID Cards

Card Printing

Apart from building smart cards, we have advanced printing technology. Not only can we provide quality multi-color offset printing and silkscreen printing, we can also do letter shopping and digital prints. And if you need serial numbers, signature panels and even specialized ultra-violet, Guilloché security printing.

We have the printing solution for you.

Microchip Encoding

Our production encoding facility can fulfill most card personalization requirements. This is achieved through our dedicated team of software engineers specializing in encoding software and algorithms. Working together closely with our printing department implementing checksums and cipher systems to finish personalized products. All encoding requirements are different. And as a result, we understand the value of an experienced team of smart card engineers.

You will have peace of mind with our production team.