Identification Tags - RFID Disc Tag

Identification Tags – RFID Disc Tag

Identification Tags replace smart cards when a different form is required. This happen often when it is awkward to fit in a standard-sized card. Customization of tags is common in different industries. Our livestock tags tag animals in the farm. Casinos use tagged gambling disc chips. Amusement parks use microchipped silicone bands to identify visitors. The list goes on.

Tags continue to evolve as a result of varing requirements across different industries. Because each requirement is different, we continue to innovate.  Therefore, to address your difficult RFID task on hand, take full advantage of our team of experienced engineers.

Our Services

We provide a good variety of RFID smart tags packaged to fit your application needs. We provide a wide range of RFID electronics options in our tags for our Customers with major RFID electronics providers with the likes of NXP, Infineon, Atmel, Alien, etc. Our production is well equipped to produce chip card, contactless tags/cards and Dual Frequency, Dual Interface products. And our products find its application in security, identification, ticketing & banking industries. 

If you need specific antenna design, technology & RF parameters, get in touch with our engineers so that we can better understand your application and tagging environment. Our RF & materials engineers are experienced and well equipped to advice on various antenna technologies from LF (Low Frequency) antennas, HF (High Frequency), to UHF (Ultra High Frequency), and even powered Active Tags.

Get in touch with us on your specific tagging requirement. Let our team of engineers analyse your problem. If you cannot identify a suitable transponder for your application, let us have a look.