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NXP UCODE G2iM Datasheet SL3S1003_1013

NXP UCODE G2iM Datasheet SL3S1003_1013

Datasheet: UCODE G2iM / G2iM+.pdf

1 Key features
  • UHF RFID Gen2 tag chip according EPCglobal v1.2.0
  • 256 bit EPC for UCODE G2iM and up to 448 bit EPC for UCODE G2iM+
  • Up to 640 bit User Memory which can be segmented in the UCODE G2iM+
  • Private User Memory area protected by special User Password
  • Memory read protection
  • Integrated Product Status Flag (PSF)
  • Tag tamper alarm
  • Digital switch
  • Data transfer mode
  • Real Read Range Reduction (Privacy Mode)
  • Conditional Real Read Range Reduction
  • External supply mode
  • Long read/write ranges due to extremely low power design
  • Reliable operation of multiple tags due to advanced anti-collision
  • Broad international operating frequency: from 840 MHz to 960 MHz
  • Data retention: 20 years
  • Wide specified temperature range: 40 ℃ up to +85 ℃
1.1 Memory
  • 156 bit of EPC memory / up to 448 bit in G2iM+
  • 96 bit Tag IDentifier (TID) including 48-bit factory locked unique serial number
  • 112 bit User TID memory
  • 32 bit Kill Password to permanently disable the tag
  • 32 bit Access Password to allow a transition into the secured state
  • 32 bit User Password to allow access to the private user memory segment
  • Read protection
  • BlockWrite (32 bit)
  • Write Lock
  • BlockPermalock
2 Key benefits
2.1 End user benefit
  • Outstanding User Memory size of 640 bit
  • Prevention of unauthorized memory access through different levels of read protection
  • Indication of tag tampering attempt by use of the tag tamper alarm feature
  • Electronic device configuration and / or activation by the use of the digital switch / data transfer mode
  • Theft deterrence supported by the PSF feature (PSF alarm or EPC code)
  • Small label sizes, long read ranges due to high chip sensitivity
  • Product identification through unalterable TID range, including a 48 bit serial number
  • Reliable operation in dense reader and noisy environments through high interference suppression
2.2 Antenna design benefits
  • High sensitivity enables small and cost efficient antenna designs
  • Low Q-Value eases broad band antenna design for global usage
2.3 Label manufacturer benefit
  • Consistent performance on different materials due to low Q-factor
  • Ease of assembly and high assembly yields through large chip input capacitance and Polyimide spacer
  • Fast first WRITE or BLOCKWRITE of the EPC memory for fast label initialization
3 Custom commands
  • PSF Alarm
    • Built-in PSF (Product Status Flag), enables the UHF RFID tag to be used as EAS tag (Electronic Article Surveillance) tag without the need for a back-end data base.
  • Read Protect
    • Protects all memory content from unauthorized reading.
  • ChangeConfig
    • Configures the additional features of the chip like external supply mode, tamper alarm, digital switch, read range reduction, privacy mode activation condition or data  transfer

The UCODE G2iM+ is equipped with a number of additional features. Nevertheless, the
chip is designed in a way standard EPCglobal READ/WRITE/ACCESS commands can be
used to operate the features. No custom commands are needed to take advantage of all
the features in case of unlocked EPC memory