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Before ISO RFID cards, the standard pocket card is probably the most common item you can find in your pocket. The simple card in the pocket is a token of ownership and identity. While convenient, it’s simplicity often exposes itself to security threats.

As a result, manufacturers began printing photos, bar codes, QR codes to secure issued cards. However, it is still easy to replicate and hack such cards.

With the advent of RFID and smart chips, security can now be futher reinforced on the ISO RFID card. As a result, confidential information is stored digitally, and encrypted. Fast-forwarding to today, smart chip now packs sufficient computational capability that allows us to operate much longer keys, stronger asymmetric ciphers, and even digital signatures.

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Dimensions 86 x 54 x 0.8mm (± 0.4mm)
Weight 5.8 ± 0.5g
Personalization Offset Printing / Silkscreen Printing / Encoding / Thermal Rewritable Film / UltraViolet Printing / Micro Seal / Micro Text / Hologram / Guilloche / Laser Engraving
Other Signature Panel / Scratch Panel / SIM Punch / Magnetic Stripe (350 Oe, 650 Oe, 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe)
Material PVC (Matte/Glossy) / PET / PETG / ABS
Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Chip LF / HF / UHF / Contact / Contactless / Dual Interface

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice