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UCODE G2XM Datasheet & G2XM+ Datasheet SL3ICS1002/1202

UCODE G2XM Datasheet & G2XM+ Datasheet SL3ICS1002/1202

Datasheet: UCODE G2XM / G2XL.pdf

Key features
  • 512-bit user memory (G2XM only)
  • 240-bit of EPC memory
  • 64-bit tag identifier (TID) including 32-bit unique serial number
  • Memory read protection
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) command
  • Calibrate command
  • 32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
  • 32-bit access password to allow a transition into the secured transmission state
  • Broad international operating frequency: from 840 MHz to 960 MHz
  • Long read/write ranges due to extremely low power design
  • Reliable operation of multiple tags due to advanced anti-collision
  • Forward link: 40-160 kbit/s
  • Return link: 40-640 kbit/s
Key benefits
  • High sensitivity provides long read range
  • Low Q-factor for consistent performance on different materials
  • Improved interference suppression for reliable operation in multi-reader environment
  • Large input capacitance for ease of assembly and high assembly yield
  • Highly advanced anti-collision resulting in highest identification speed
  • Reliable and robust RFID technology suitable for dense reader and noisy environments
Custom commands
  • EAS Alarm
    • Enables the UHF RFID tag to be used as EAS tag without the need for a backend data base
  • Read Protect
    • Protects all memory content including CRC16 from unauthorized reading
  • Calibrate
    • Activates permanent back-scatter in order to evaluate the tag-to-reader performance