Anti-Tamper NFC Tag

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Anti-Tamper Tag

Anti-Tamper Tag

Often, it is important to protect asset from malicious tampering attempts. With this requirement in mind, we have developed & designed a robust anti-tamper tag for such purposes.

As a result, physical assets can now be protected with a physical integrity seal and a digital signature through an RFID microchip. Moreover, with this digital security infrastructure, it is now also possible to verify authenticity conveniently through the use of mobile technology.

Medical applications find common use for this tag because of the need to maintain the integrity of medication. Beverage industry use as a result of rampant forgery incidents that tarnishes the industry’s distribution reputation. Above all , your assets are important to you. Protect them. Get in touch with us.

Dimensions Ø25mm with 26 x 3.5mm tail
Weight 0.5g
Personalization Offset Printing / Bar code Printing / Encoding
Material Fragile Paper
Temperature -25°C to +50°C
Packaging Single / Roll

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice
**Tamper proof