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Vehicle RFID Tag - ABS 244x12mm UHF Housing

Vehicle RFID Tag – ABS 244x12mm UHF Housing

For various parking and vehicular tracking applications, we have our vehicle RFID tag. This vehicle RFID tag comes with mounting holes that provides easy installation on various types of vehicles.

Remaining functional when mounted on any part of a vehicle, our vehicle RFID tag maintains a good read range and works well with UHF RFID based Car Park Systems.

With the IP65 ABS casing, this vehicle RFID tags can be mounted inconspicuously under the vehicle, on metals surfaces, and yet remain functional over a long period of time.

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Dimensions 201 (244) x 12 x 13mm
Ø6mm Metal Mount Hole
Ø3mm ABS Mount Hole
Weight 18g / 35g
Personalization Encoding / Engraving
Material ABS IP65
Temperature Operating: -20°C to +75°C
Storage: -30°C to +85°C
ISO Protocol ISO18000-6B / EPC Class1 Gen2
Chip NXP UCode G2XM / UCode / HSL
Impinj Monza 4D / 4E / 4QT

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice