LF RFID Reader

Select from our wide range of customizable LF (Low Frequency) RFID reader.

From the most basic desktop readers, long range readers capable of read range of up to 130cm, to the very specialized 134kHz animal tagging handheld readers. And if you need a Low Frequency RFID Reader that can read almost every LF RFID tag out in the market, we have a desktop reader / encoder for you, reading a wide range of LF RFID tags like EM4XXX, Unique, ATA55XX, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S, HITAG µ, Q5, Titan .. etc

Output customizable from the standard RS485 / RS232, to the various Weigand output format, ABA / ABA2 (American Bank Association) and the standard network TCP/IP output.

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