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Pipeline RFID Tags - HVP Dia16x170mm

Pipeline RFID Tags – HVP Dia16x170mm

Pipeline RFID Tags designed and built to tag pipes of different shapes & sizes. Comes in a unique form factor that allows easy application on pipes through an aluminium crimp.

The pipe attachment is a rugged Ø3mm stainless steel cable sleeved in black nylon protective cover. Comes standard to fit pipe circumferences of up to 66cm. Can be customized to your application requirement.

The tubular rubber UHF tag body provides for a wide range of surface curvature. More critically, this rugged tag can tolerate long exposure to heat up to 200°C.

Tag is available in EPCGlobal Class1 Gen2 (or ISO/IEC 18000-6C) format.

Dimensions Dia16 x 170mm(Tag), 660mm(Cable)
Weight 14g
Personalization Encoding
Material HVP Rubber
Temperature -50°C to +200°C (Tested continuous for 7-days)
Rating IP69K
Chip UHF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice [WT]