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ISO 11784 & 11785 Compliant Livestock Ear Tag

ISO 11784 & 11785 Compliant Livestock Ear Tag

Ear Tagging is common in bigger animals. We can uniquely tag Livestocks by embedding a microchip in our Livestock Ear Tag. This important non-repudiatory control is critical in today’s food safety and animal disease control.

Livestock Ear Tags RFID are commonly used because they are clearly visible and more importantly, they are brightly marked for easy visual identification. Our tags come with ISO 11784 & 11785 compliant microchip options, and alternatives that fit your tracking system.

Using only Medically Safe plastics to minimize allergic reactions, our tags Livestock Ear Tags comes with well-tuned electronic units that ensure smooth operations with RFID livestock tracking system.

Available in LF, HF and UHF options. Get in touch with us for more information.

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