Baggage Tag

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Paper Baggage Tag - RFID Airport Baggage Tracking

Paper Baggage Tag – RFID Airport Baggage Tracking

In June 2019, IATA voted to Mandate the use of RFID Baggage for Airlines, Airports. With the use of RFID, baggage handling will be more efficient and precise. More importantly, less baggage will be lost with less manpower handling them.

Together with the volume that comes with air travel, production technology and efficiency improves. This translates to better quality tags at a cheaper price.

Take advantage of our new RFID airport baggage tag. Contact us!

Dimensions 539.75 x 54.00mm
Weight 5.0g
Personalization Offset Printing
Material Paper
Temperature -25°C to +50°C
Packaging Single / Fanfold / Roll
Chip UHF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice [STP]