iButton Reader

RS232 iButton Reader

RS232 iButton Reader

DS9097U Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter

The DS9097U is a sophisticated RS232 to 1-Wire adapter, which performs RS232 level conversion and actively generates the 1-Wire communication signals. Together with an adequate TMEX software driver, it enables an IBMcompatible PC to directly communicate with any 1-Wire device connected to the adapter’s RJ-11 port. The DB-9 version reads and writes any non-EPROM 1-Wire device. To write to EPROM devices, the DB-25 version with external power supply is required.

DS1402-X 1-Wire Network Cables

Using four basic types of connectors, 1-Wire RJ-11, iButton, Touch-and-Hold Probe, and Blue Dot Receptor, the DS1402 series of 1-Wire network cables provides connectivity for iButtons. The cables are designed to connect any USB, serial, or parallel port 1-Wire adapter to any iButton.

You can download the operating software here.

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice