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RFID Animal Management is a handy tool when it comes to animal management. It serves many purposes for ensuring food safety to wildlife conservation and tracking of laboratory animals.

RFID Animal Management Products

RFID Animal Management Products

RFID Animal Identification technology is being used extensively in recent years. With its clear benefits finding it’s way from farms to homes. It is the unsung hero of our well being and peace of mind. Not to mention it forms an integral part of our food safety.

In farms, livestock is tracked through an array of RFID tags and readers. They are used to track small animals like chickens and ducks, to big animals like cows, cattle, and camels. With the increasing size of farms and fewer farmers running it, the use of RFID is imperative to effective farm management.

Our tag plays an important role In animal research. Such research may go on for years. While inscription on tags fades, our RFID tag will be able to last at least ten years. Not only it forms a digital trial, more importantly, it bypasses manual recording and all the potential error it may introduce. Tagging animals digitally not only makes data collection accurate, it is now easier with the widespread use of NFC capable phones.

Today, we even protect pets with our non-intrusive smartphone RFID Animal Identification tag. Pets wear this tag on their collar. Moreover, no injections or implants needed. Furthermore, the tag is clearly visible with the NFC logo when the lost pet is found. More importantly, with a non-proprietary RFID chip, anybody can now read it with their RFID enabled smartphone. Redefining RFID Animal Identification and revolutionize how lost pets are recovered today.

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