XRA00* | XRAG2*

Not In Production

UHF, EPCglobal Class 1b, Contactless Memory Chip 96 bit ePC with Inventory and Kill Function
Datasheet : XRA00.pdf

  • ePCglobal Class 1b Specification
  • Passive Operation (No Battery Required)
  • UHF Carrier Frequencies From 860MHz to 960MHz ISM Band Which Comply To:
    • North American Regulation
    • European Regulation
    • Similar Regulations in Other Countries
  • To the XRA00:
    • Asynchronous 50% to 100% ASK Modulation Using PWM Pulse Coding (15K to 70Kbits/s)
  • ■ From the XRA00:
    • Backscattered rEflective Answers using FSK bit coding (30K to 140Kbits/s)
  • 128 bit EEPROM with Lock Bit
  • 96 Bit ePC
  • Internal PLL for Data Transfer Synchronisation
  • Inventory, Read, Prog and Erase features
  • Persistance Mode For Inventory Sequence Optimisation
  • Kill Command
  • 30ms Programming Time (typical)
  • More than 10,000 Write/Erase cycles
  • More than 40 Years’ Data Retention