Samsung Tectile

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Samsung Tectile

Samsung Tectile – 25x25mm Label

It started with Samsung tectile. A mobile phone compatible RFID Tag. As a result, this tag opened up a plethora of applications in the mobile industry.

Today, this tag is more commonly known as the NFC Tag, While Samsung’s Tectiles branding has eroded over time, NFC application has grown. First of all, NFC Tags provides a revolutionary interface to mobile phones. Probably the most common use is connecting your mobile phone to the WiFi.

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Dimensions 18 x 36mm 25 x 25mm 25 x 40mm 49 x 81mm Ø25mm Ø26mm Ø30mm
Memory 48 bytes / 128 bytes / 144 bytes / 504 bytes
Weight 0.5g
Personalization Offset Printing / Silkscreen Printing / Encoding
Material Paper / PET / PVC
Temperature -25°C to +50°C
Packaging Single / Fanfold / Roll

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice