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Resin Dia12mm Magnetic RFID Tag

Resin Dia12mm Magnetic RFID Tag

Magnetic RFID Tag comes in very handy when tagging ferromagnetic assets. With requirements to track shipping containers, we developed a magnetic tag with a small footprint (Ø12 x 7mm). Furthermore, to ensure reliability, our latest version comes with a rare earth magnet attachment.

Naturally, this tiny tenacious tag has deviated from its original intent. With a strong magnetic base, it is now possible to apply to a wide range of applications where traces of iron, nickel, or cobalt can be found in the tracked asset.


Container Tracking Tag (Magnetic RFID Tag) Specification:

Dimensions Dia12 x 7mm
Weight 4g
Personalization Encoding
Material Resin
Temperature -50°C to +150°C (Tested continuous for 7-days)
Rating IP68K
Chip UHF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice [WT]