iButton Key Tag

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ibutton key fob

iButton Key Fob

We provide a variety of Maxim’s iButton. Available in various formats like iButton key fob, wall mounts, screw tags etc.

Maxim’s iButton® devices are small, durably packaged modules with globally unique digital addresses. Enhanced by Maxim’s 1-Wire communications protocol, they provide the ability to deliver or record data where other products cannot, such as in very harsh environments. An iButton device is ideal for any application where information needs to follow a person or object, such as temperature and humidity data logging, access control, asset tracking, and electronic cash (eCash) transactions.

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Dimensions 4.45 x 4.08 x 1.40 mm
Ø16 x 5mm (keyfob)
Weight 4.5g
Personalization SilkScreen Printing / Laser Engraving
Material ABS handle, Metal Tag
Colour Yellow / Blue / Black / Green / Red
Chip DS1920 DS1921 DS1963 DS1963L DS1971 DS1973 DS1982 DS1985 DS1986 DS1982/1985/1986U DS1990A DS1991 DS1992 DS1993 DS1994 DS1995 DS1996

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice