On Metal ABS

Screw Mounted ABS Tag is probably the simplest and most reliable to tag larger metallic assets. With a UV-treated ABS housing, we are able to shield, protect and negate the effects on the antenna from the surface we are applying to. As a result, we can house a UHF microchip and exploit the benefits of superior read range and it’s high anti-collision feature.

Without a doubt, our high-performance screw-mounted ABS tag is the tag of choice for warehousing solutions and tagging of vehicles.

RFID in Warehousing

RFID Tagging can make inventory control in a warehouse effective. The sheer distance between assets and the number of them makes manual counting slow and prone to error. It is not hard to see that with a read range of up to 10m, a UHF RFID solution would make this task possible.

Tagging Vehicles

To tag a vehicle with RFID is inherently difficult. Because vehicle moves, we would like to have a good read range for a practical application. And because the tag is likely to be outdoors and exposed to elements, we would like it to be tough. Our Screw Mounted ABS Tag allows us to build such a tag for such demanding applications.

Screw Mounted ABS Tag Options