NFC Ring Tag

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"<yoastmarkOur innovative Wearable NFC Tag comes in a ring format. Overcoming RF limitations over water (ie finger) and metal (ring).

Conveniently worn around the finger, you will be able to customize information stored on the ring. You can encode important messages that can be retrieved on standard RFID readers or smartphones. Moreover, with the new NTAG RFID chip, you can store more information on this ring. In addition, you can also alter and even lock the stored information permanently. Above all, with the new NTAG 424 DNA chip, you now enjoy more storage and even more security with NXP’s state-of-the-art technology.

Wearable NFC Tag Specification
Dimensions Dia54mm, Dia57.1mm, Dia60mm, Dia62.8mm, Dia66mm, Dia70mm
Colour Black & White
Weight 28g
Material Titanium or Noble Metal
IP Rating IP68
Packaging 1pc/box, 100boxes/carton
Wireless Distance 1.5cm

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice