Epoxy Rod Tag

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Epoxy Rod RFID Tag - 12.5mm x Ø4.8mm

Epoxy Rod RFID Tag – 12.5mm x Ø4.8mm

Our Epoxy Rod RFID Tag is not only durable, but also chemically inert for most industrial applications. Not only it’s resistant to thermal stress, and it is also resistant to corrosion. And because of the production process, we are able to shape it to your application requirement. Above all, our quality ferrite core ensures the best optimal read range.

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Epoxy Rod RFID Tag Specification

Dimensions Ø4.8mm x 12.5mm
Weight 5g
Personalization Encoding
Material PC Tube, Epoxy Potting/Ferrite
Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Packaging 500pcs/box, 10box/carton
Carton Size: 33x25x23cm
Chip LF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice