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LPG Gas Cylinder RFID Tag

LPG Gas Cylinder RFID Tag

Managing an inventory of LPG Gas Cylinder can be complex and challenging. Simplify it with our LPG Gas Cylinder RFID Tag. Constructed meticulously with hard inert ABS with a fitted curvature and applying adhesive.

With identification technology, valuable information like last service, life span expiry, deployment date can be stored. More importantly, identifying bottles and picked out easily with a simple handheld scanner.

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LPG Gas Cylinder RFID Tag Specification

46.8 × 32 × 5.6mm ± 0.2
Weight 5.78g ± 0.2
Personalization Encoding
Material ABS
Temperature Operating: -20°C to +80°C
Storage: -30°C to +100°C
Chip LF / HF / UHF
Colour Pink RP01

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice