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Philips Semiconductors SmartMX - P5SC036

Philips Semiconductors SmartMX – P5SC036

Datasheet: P5SC036.pdf
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Product Specific Features
    • 36 Kbytes EEPROM (including 192 bytes reserved manufacturer/security area)
    • 96 Kbytes User ROM
    • 2304 bytes RAM
      • 256 bytes + 2 Kbytes CXRAM
Security Features
    • Enhanced Security Sensors
      • Low / high clock frequency sensor
      • Low / high temperature sensor
      • Single Fault Injection (SFI) attack detection
      • Light sensors
    • Electronic fuses for safeguarded mode control
    • Unique ID for each die
    • Clock Input Filter for protection against spikes
    • Power-up / Power-down reset
    • Optional programmable “Card Disable” feature
    • Memory Security (encryption and physical measures) for RAM, EEPROM and ROM
    • Memory protection (encryption and physical measures) for RAM, EEPROM and ROM
    • Optional disabling of ROM read instructions by code executed in EEPROM
    • Optional disabling of any code execution out of RAM
    • EEPROM programming:
      • No external clock
      • Hardware sequencer controlled
      • On-chip high voltage generation
      • Enhanced error correction mechanism
    • 64 or 128 EEPROM bytes for customer-defined Security FabKey. Featuring batch-, wafer- or die-individual security data, incl. encrypted diversification features on request
    • 14 bytes User Write Protected Security area in EEPROM (byte access, inhibit functionality per byte)
    • 32 bytes Write Once Security area in EEPROM (bit access)
    • 32 bytes User Read Only area in EEPROM (byte access)
    • Customer specific EEPROM initialization optional
    • High speed DES-3 co-processor (64 bit parallel processing DES engine)