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13.56MHz RFID NFC Antenna Extender - 50 x 50mm / 85.5 x 54mm

RFID NFC Antenna Extender – OTR8554

OTR8554 antenna extension is a simple and reliable to extend your 13.56MHz NFC Reader’s read range. This NFC Antenna  Extender is designed with a small physical profile for ease of deployment in many applications and environments.

OTR8554 is also compatible with most major phone brands out in the market today. OTR8554 extends the NFC scan area of Phone. It also extend the default <10cm read range to 40cm – opening up a plethora of application options and often removing many read range restrictions of RFID NFC Applications.

NFC Mobile Phone List

Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Reading Distance < 40cm
Contactless Cards NFC Card
Dimensions 50 x 50mm(Extender Size) with 500mm(Cable Length)
85.5 x 54mm(Extender Size) with 400mm(Cable Length)
Material FPC + Cable + FPC
Weight 10g

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice