Glass Fiber Tag

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RFID Fiberglass Tag - Keyfob Format

RFID Fiberglass Tag – Keyfob Format

Fiberglass tag. Making an RFID tag from glass-reinforced plastic results in a stiff, strong and weather-resistant tag. And for the same reason, fiberglass can be molded into your required shape and size during production.

Choose from our range of tough and resilient keyfob. Available in a wide range of colors, silk screen customization, and encoding options.

Dimensions 45 x 30 x 1.9 mm
Weight 5g
Material Glass Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy
Temperature -20°C to +90°C
Packaging 200pcs/box, 10box/carton
Carton Size: 33x25x23cm
Chip LF / HF

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice