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 UHF RFID Long Range Reader - 240x190x48mm

OTR2000 UHF Reader for Flexibility and Versatility in Any Situation

OTR2000 UHF RFID Long Range Reader series is designed to be deployed in situations that require flexibility and versatility. With an option of 1, 2 or 4 antenna and an optional WiFi interface, OTR2000 can achieve a wide range of read range requirement using different antenna(s), polarization and gain.

And supporting multi-protocol (ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C) with a universal SDK platform, OTR2000 allows smooth transition from development to deployment in your customized application.

OTR2000 Long Range Integrated UHF Reader
Operating Frequency 868MHz to 963MHz
RF protocol ISO18000-6B
EPC Class 1
EPC Class 1 GEN 2
Transmission Method
FHSS or Fixed Frequency
(Software Configured)
Antenna 1/2/4 SMA Connectors
Maximum RF Power 30 dBm
RF Power Resolution <0.5 db
RF Power Range 20 to 30 dBm
(Software Configured)
Tag Identification Mode Time Triggered or Event Triggered
Tag Identification Time <8ms per tag
Tag Read/Write Latency
Read: 5ms every 8 bytes
Write: 25ms every 4 bytes
Tag Read/Wite Range
> 8m (Antenna-Tag Dependent)
Communication Interface RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand 26/34
RS232 / Wiegand 26/34 / Ethernet
RS232 / Wiegand 26/34 / WiFi
Input / Output 2 Triggered Input
2 Relay Output
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Dimension Reader: 204 x 190 x 48mm
Packaging: 440 x 260 x 85mm
1.68kg (Gross)
0.92kg (Net)
Operating: -45°C to +75°C
Storage: -50°C to +85°C
Reader Indicators Buzzer
Antenna Indicator LED
Communication Indicator LED
Power Indicator LED
Read Indicator LED
RF Indicator LED
Software Developer Kit OTR-2k SDK (WinXP / Win7)
Packing List 5V/5A Power Adapter
RS232 Cable
SMA-NF Cable
Power Cable
USB cable OR ethernet Cable (as appropriate)

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice