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RFID Cable Tie Tag / Binder Tag

RFID Cable Tie Tag / Binder Tag

RFID cable tie tag. Putting an RFID tag integrated as part of a cable tie provides numerous tagging options. Made from UV resistant Nylon, the tail engages securely to the teeth when applied. This RFID binder tag holds securely and is easy to apply.


  • 470 x 46.5mm (Ø120mm bundle)
  • 395 x 31mm (Ø100mm bundle)
  • 300 x 26mm (Ø65mm bundle)
  • 230 x 17.8mm(Ø55mm bundle)
  • 150 x 25mm (Ø20mm bundle)
Weight 1.5  to 10g
Personalization Encoding
Material Nylon / Epoxy Embedding
Temperature Operating: -20°C to +100°C
Storage: -30°C to +100°C
Chip LF / HF / UHF
Colour Yellow / Blue / Red / White

*Subject To Change Without Prior Notice [WT]